Slowly I slip off, Out of my mind And I can hear them complain Of those like me, Too dark to see. I don’t think they know I’m insane. My bones are not made Of iron or gold. My soul is not stainless steel. This heart of mine Has served its time, And now it’s […]

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My Knight

 ♥♥♥ I fought his dragons While he slayed mine. We ran away from running time And fell out of existence and into life, Into love and out of lies. ~K.G.

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I was not made to be silent. I could swear with all my heart That my voice was made to ring In more than the chambers of my brain. I was made to echo thunder With a lightning flash of wit And be heard in deep Sahara And through angry, pounding rain. I was made […]

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The world is such an ugly place So let’s both move to Mars Just you and me and ecstasy With the backdrop of the stars. We can split a can of tuna Inside a tiny crater; Share half a bag of marshmallows and save the rest for later. We can sing our little hearts out […]

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I can tell you’re crazy By the way you fall apart And tug on all the loose strings And stitches in your heart. I can tell you’re lonely By the way you’ll gladly give Pieces of your broken heart To anything that lives. I can tell you’re lovely By the way you hardly smile. God […]

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She wore a suit of armor Of neon pinks and greens And brightly glowing yellow socks That came up to her knees. She wore a thousand bracelets That glittered on her wrist And layered cherry lipstick To stain every boy she kissed. She threaded tiny jingle bells Through the laces in her shoes, Just to […]

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Wonder Land

I’m the Queen of Broken Hearts. I need a King of Spades To inter all my broken parts And bury all my shame. My heart is but a house of cards, The most unlucky deck. I’m waiting for a winning hand –haven’t found it yet. I’m a fan of Chesire smiles And painting roses red. […]

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